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The Earth Has Had Just About Enough
By Briana, age: 12
Shelby County, Tennessee

Hi, I believe that this earth has had just about enough! We have been just not caring 
about its natural features. Like forests, animal kingdoms, oceans, lands, and so much 
more! I say that's enough! We keep not listening! To what, you ask? There is this special 
earth message that the earth gives us everyday. I call it the earth's silent cry. That 
silent cry is sent to me in such a way every time I see something that is not right on 
earth, at all! I know that I am just one little girl, but this girl has a lot to say to people, 
America in particular! STOP IT! Look at all these problems here, and the only reason 
all of them are there is because of us humans and our dumb needs! I know that some people 
just don't want to listen to this over and over again! But gosh, I say that is time for someone 
to speak up! It's time for someone to say - Stop it, we've done enough! Yes, using cars, and 
using equipment is useful for humans, but gosh! Is it worth tearing up a whole forest making 
almost a whole species go endangered? Is it worth tearing apart a whole coverage of animal 
homes everyday? Is it worth destroying every piece of beautiful artwork that GOD put on 
this earth for us? No! So, all I am trying to do is make it known that it is time to think 
about the rest of the world, and listen to that silent cry! I hear it. I feel it, right now as 
I am writing to you! The litter, caused by us not caring! The increased number of stray pets, 
caused by us, and you know what, that is just not needing to even be able to take care of a 
helpless pet with actual Feelings! It is just crazy that the things that humans do effect so 
much of earth! And you know what? Some of us don't care at all, they just want more and 
more! So they are just going to keep doing the same killing, and torture that they've 
done several times! We just don't care! Us as humans are greedy for more land, technology, 
buildings, so we tear down everything to make it happen. Right? If you don't get the words 
Iíve written, then get this - That's enough America! The earth is sick and tired of our pitiful 
display of trying to live happy, and rich, and all that! STOP IT,  the world has had it! What 
more can we do to destroy everything that EARTH gave us in it's natural habits?! You think 
that doing the cutting down trees is going to help the people! Well, check again because earth 
says something different! Well, there is so much more I could say, but I'll just end here. But, 
let me say this more time to you earth -damagers....."That's enough! Can't you hear that silent 
cry? For that's the earth's way of saying *don't let me die*!"
Thank you for your time...bye!


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