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Change Your Ways - Be Green
By Caleb,  10 Years Old
Dubois, Wyoming, USA

We, the children of the Earth, care about our planet and the people on it.

Only about 72% of the paper is recycled each year. We can do better. Only about 5% of hazardous waste is recycled.

Adults, please set an example. We inherit the Earth. Make it nice for us. America spends billions of tax dollars on war. If you, the adults of the world, spend as much money as you do on war on helping the Earth and the people on it, our future will be clear.

Do you think we want to live in a hot world (the Greenhouse Effect) ? The result: The polar ice melting and the oceans rising. To live in a world with no trees (Deforestation) ?The result: no air purifiers. That is just some of the results of what is happening.

Please adults of the world, change your ways.
Be Green.
Please listen.

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* From ChildrenoftheEarth.org editor. We have not had a chance to verify the above statistics. So if you are doing homework or a class research project, please check for an additional source of information.

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